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First Buddhist Monk to do SELF immolation in Protest of Vietnam War 

June 11, 1963

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monk_1.gif (487694 bytes)                                                     First Buddhist Monk to do Self Immolation

    translation =(Buddhist) monk T Quang Duc
  Suicide by burning in fire for his faith (beliefs)
                            On 6/11/1963 @ Saigon

monk_2.gif (505543 bytes)

Signing Documentation

monk_3.gif (531721 bytes)

Dowsed with Gasoline & sitting in Lotus position

monk_4.gif (531676 bytes)

The flame was ignited

monk_6.gif (524503 bytes)

Stoic as the flames burned

monk_7.gif (523171 bytes)

Cremated by the fire and stoic the entire time

monk_5.gif (581767 bytes)

He is taken away

monk_8.gif (541724 bytes)

The Heart that would not burn is put on the alter at the Buddhist Temple.

These photos/cards were purchased at their Temple in Saigon- After he had done this.


Provided by Gerald "Jerry" Masini